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Join your faith w/ mine: Papa Oyedepo said no one in our family can die this yr

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    Good Afternoon! I pray all is well!

    I am CJ. Goodman, MD, a Winner from Atlanta, Georgia x 2+yrs. Papa and our Resident Pastor Yemi proclaimed no deaths til end of year…and I BELIEVE I RECEIVED IT! My Uncle fell 6 days ago, fracturing his skull and went unconscious. Doctors at University Maryland Medical Center 22 S. Greene St, Baltimore, MD 21201 did not manage him as expected, doing v little and sharing v little w/ family x 5 days. Ystrdy morning, I received a text that he passed away…BUT I DO NOT ACCEPT IT and rejected it, recounting to God the numerous testimonials of loved ones raised from the dead during (and in between) SHILOHs. I did what I heard others say (praised God for 4 hours that morning, received prayer from our resident pastors and prayer team after Sunday Service today. They told me I will testify of Good News!) I received and believe it! My mother and father (in Philadelphia) are believing w/ me.

    My uncle’s son and daughter in Maryland are believing w/ me but were only given 30 minutes to go see their father after he allegedly died 5am — they couldn’t make it in time…I know that Winners have praised their dead back to life, poured anointing oil in their mouths and/or tied the mantle on them. I am willing to drive to Maryland to meet up w/ any Winners from WCIMD to do these things to receive him back to life (Heb 11.35). Will anyone meet me there and join w/ me? This SHILOH week…it must happen!

    In His Will,

    Sis CJ Goodman, M.D., CNHP

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